I'm Ali Helmy, aka codemonkey

programmer, game developer, amateur robotocist and all around geek
I play around with code and I blog about my adventures with it

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Checking out procedurally generated polygon art

As you can probably tell by my twitter backgrounds, I have always been really excited about low-polygon art style. In no small part also, this is because of these WICKED avatars from the guys at polygon.com This really stemmed from a couple points. Firstly, as I am interested in graphics,......
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Redesign and Relaunch
Getting rid of the clutter and that 90's look

It has been a very long time since I have written anything here on this website Mainly because I have been quite busy since switching jobs to work with Limbic, the work has just been too much fun to the point where it is hard to get myself to do......
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